Transit Point

Transit Point

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my first multi day bike trip and it’s out of the country. its in Majorca Spain. (i now realize it is also spelled marrorca by the locals.) an island of the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean. And so I here at London’s Heathrow on the layover from New York. My thoughts are mixed between excitement and fear. Excitement — I have been training this winter to be ready for this trip. My last couple of weeks were really intense with about 200 miles a week on the Computrainer. About as boring as sitting through a literature class in a foreign language I do not speak. And Fear of failure. Can I do this. Will I look bad? Do I have what it takes.

I have the gear, a great bike and training. But do I have me? And we will already know by tomorrow. That is great.

So I brought my camera, ready with the nutrition and want to pedal. Take me on!!

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