A final recovery with the Sun on my back

A final recovery with the Sun on my back

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April 4:

So, of course today it is Sunny. Beautiful. The sun’s light dancing on the hills, the clouds providing a patchwork of shadow on the green and grey mountain faces. Spectacular. And now we are leaving. I decided that if I work up early enough I would take a recovery ride to enjoy the weather and was not disappointed. I rode from Acula (need to check) to xx which turns out to be a perfect recovery length — two laps in central park or 12 miles. Easy cadance, light on the pedals. easy breathing. The 50 minutes went smoothly and was back for breakfast and packing. Oh yes, I did not have my camera with me but trust me the sunrise was lovely. Poking through the clouds over the bay with rays shining downward as a blessing from God. Perfect. His (or Her) perfection.

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