Last Day — Do I still have it in me?

Last Day — Do I still have it in me?

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April 3: Today was supposed to be the 100 miles including the three big attacks. It was not meant to be. The weather has, by now, been raining for 6 days straight and today was no exception. We decided to kick off the ride at 11:00 am to hopefully miss the downpour. We started to head out with rain and it was off and on. We retraced the ride of the first day and as the rain picked up Mark decided it would be best to attack the same hill again. About 7km at 5% average. I was actually happy about this and suggested to Paul that this is a great way to bracket a trip. Have the first and last ride the same so we can compare strength, endurance, etc. I felt so much stronger. I was so happy with the change. Sorin gave me pointers on how to ride the hill (chest out to enhance breathing, higher on handle bars but very light to touch, more direct push from the hips to the legs) and it was amazing. The first 5 or so km were magic. And then it rained — monsoon rains — actually it came down as nearly hail. And winds. The winds and rain. I could nearly see, the road was washing out, cars were ascending and descending and I could barely perceive them. And the rain was freezing cold. And I bonked. I kept looking ahead saying: yep this is the final turn… never was. it kept going and going. This was the Ever Ready battery of hills. It went forever. I was pedaling nearly at a standstill but refused to get off the bike. And yes, I made it (as did everyone else) and we went into the luncheonette soaking wet, freezing and in search for coffee and hot chocolate.

We changed clothes in the car (including adding chamis cream — which washes out in the rain) but the shoes were a goner. we added as many as four layers so we would not freeze on the way down. And we pushed off.

The downhill was the best downhill of the trip. I was faster and more secure than before even though I still hesitate too much with speed and fear of the wet surface. And then the flats I was full bore — 27-29 mph. it was a thrill. Seeing a group riding ahead and running out of steam I now knew how to ‘hitch a ride’ and draft with them — another first. When we got to the traffic circle about 5-10 miles out of the town, I decided to go with Paul and Sorin to take one more hill. It is a well known trek to a lighthouse at the end call Formentor. The hill was 7-9% for about 4 km. And I felt great. when I got to the first level the winds and clouds picked up big time and decided to let the pros do the next leg. Another thing I was learning was to ‘know my limits’ and that was the case here. So I had another great downhill and then a race to the resort. I was so happy with the extra hill and millage.

At the top of where I went that day on the final Formentor ride. Below is the view of the bay where we were staying as I went back down.

From Marrorca Bike Trip
From Marrorca Bike Trip

So, this was 50 miles and 3,630 accumulated ascent. Nice day for a rain from hell (probably doesn’t rain in hell but if it did two things would be true — not brimstone and serious flooding :))

Also at the peak is Sorin, Paul and moi.

From Marrorca Bike Trip

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