How did this all get started?

How did this all get started?

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Been dreaming up a list of stuff I wanted to do before I died now that I am retired. You know that list. Not as easy to implement than it is to dream it up! My buddy from NYC, Richard – he hikes the world, had this on his list as well. When he told me that he was planning this for Feb 2011 I jumped at the chance. Since that first conversation in May/June of this year, a lot changed. I moved to live in Rosh Pina, Israel; Richard and I ended up with different plans; Tom, another buddy with whom we have discussed this dream for years hurt his shoulder and dropped out; a new buddy Ori, who had a lot of ideas and connections to make this happen joined me along with my friend here in Rosh Pina, Yair – who became my practice hiking partner. still a chance for two other guys to join but time is running out. Hey, got to get ready for this.

Getting ready with practice climb up mount hermon golan heights.

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Location:החלוצים,Rosh Pinna,Israel

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