Leaving today

Leaving today

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Been preparing like crazy. Lots of buying and packing.

Noticed certain blister from the Hermon climb last week so went to pharmacy to get more pads and stuff. Started anti malaria pills today. Feeling a buzz. In the end, the trip is just Ori and me. With 5 porters, a cook and two guides. How this evolved from a simple trip with Richard using a group tour I will discuss with my therapist when I come back :). Really excited and Ori and I are quite similar in how we approach this.

We are taking a 8 day climb to maximize accommodation the the heights. Also the weather appears less than friendly but changes every day or even by the hour.

Like all first time experiences I am not sure what to expect. This makes the trip more exciting but planning is difficult. Every person has a different perspective who have gone on this. Two things seem to be clear: weather and guides are the key to making it to the summit.

To get a sense of the route we are taking, see www.teamkilimanjaro.com/lemosho.com.

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