Hey, being an Israeli has it’s benefits

Hey, being an Israeli has it’s benefits

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I sometimes hear complaints about being an Israeli. Actually I am very happy and proud Meryl and I became citizens event though I now pay VAT for hotels and car rentals! But here are 2 great examples of being in Israel and what it can mean being part of the ‘chevra’ (group).

1. I left my expensive Leatherman in my carry-on knapsack because I was practicing with it for the last few months. At the security scanner they found it. In the States, forget about it… It’s the rule blah blah. But here in Israel everyone after the army hikes or travels to crazy places.. Nepal, India or the Andes. Security says (maybe a 25 year old guy who for sure did army and his ‘year’): “where are you going?”. Me: “Kilimanjaro”. Him. “nice. Let me check with my supervisor.” 2 minutes later. “take the Leatherman – I know they cost a lot and it is a shame to lose this on your trip (he really said this) and run back to to security and they will help you check it through”. There were other small acts of kindness besides this but you get the point.

I’ll keep you in suspense with the other one.

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