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That is Swahili (you pronounce the ‘e’) for slowly, slowly.  L’at, l’at in Hebrew. This is how you walk up the mountain. We are practicing it our first day.  Take a few steps, rest.  We are already starting higher than I have, more or less, ever been. So, pole-pole.  I take this seriously. My guide advises me to stop when I feel my respiration gets ahead of myself.  This is advice I will use the whole trip.  I realize that moving quickly.. that ego to make it.. is one of the causes for why younger, more athletic people often fail to summit.  Pole-pole.

Pole pole is also the cultural approach here.  They also call it Kili-time.  Things in Tanzania just go pole-pole. Don’t get too excited about anything. It all takes time. Pole-pole.

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