Logistics issues

Logistics issues

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The nightfall approaching and the temperature rapidly dropping (I asked Ori what the temp is and his answer was simply ‘cold’) I have some concerns regarding poor planning on the company hired to do our trip up the mountain. The company was a tent short. In fact Ori and I are sleeping in one of the porters tents. Too small. Defective zipper. Poorly lining. And I think it will leak if we get rain. We were supposed to get a new tent today. Never came. I feel bad for Florence since he first of all needs to stuff his people in the mess tent and he has to deal with his ‘clients’ being progressively irritated.

The other mess is the mess tent. Ori and I cannot sit up straight in it. It is a warm weather sleeping tent not one for meals. What is driving us nuts is how nice the other tents of the other groups here on this trip. So we really feel second fiddle. Ori is very concerned this will effect our performance on the climb. The reason is that cold is a major factor in ones ability to deal with energy loss. Will this be a problem here? We do not know because the cold right now is nothing compared to what we will experience during the next few days. You can see the size of our “mess tent” vs our friends Carol and Annie and their mess tent.

That evening, we informally meet Annie and Carol. They have also taken this route and had a take of woe regarding the logistics of getting here.  They saw our mess tent and suggested we join them for means since their tent (below) could even sit 6!  Florence went to ask their guide. The answer was no — different tour company, others will see this and they will get in trouble, blah blah blah.  No way to budge them.  Ori and I continue to use this freezing and small mess tent.  We hope the other sleeping tent will arrive tomorrow for our climb to Shira II.


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