Day 5. Ori ‘s altitude sickness

Day 5. Ori ‘s altitude sickness

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Last night was a very rough night for Ori. He had this incessant hacking cough all night. He could not sleep. He tossed and turned. I thought he had, in fact, the flu and I thought, for sure, I would get it as well. A guy coughing in an enclosed tent all night. In the morning, we were served our hot drinks in the tent and Ori did not touch his favorite hot chocolate.

I spoke to Florence and and he said he believe Ori had PO or severe altitude sickness that puts progressive liquids in the lungs. The only treatment is to get down the mountain as soon as possible. The rest of the friends we have made here were very sad. But we all knew that he had to descend as soon as he could. Each and every person felt truly touched by Ori, his care and generosity and they came by to say goodbye.

I was in somewhat panic mode trying to think what I needed from him before I left. We were sharing so many items that decisions had to be made quickly what to do. Carry up the team shirt he brought. His amazing gloves. Extra Lifewave patches. And I really did not know what to say to him. No matter how much I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, Ori really dreamt about this for years. It was so important and he was so excited to do this together. But PO is very serious and life threatening. And there is no way to prevent it. It just happens. Ori did everything he could. Kilimanjaro would have to wait for another time. As I hugged and kissed Ori goodbye told him that he has done what he could and now he needs to take care of himself so he had to be there for Rina. That he did all he could and this was so dangerous. He understood but was understandably upset. With a heavy heart I left him to start the climb with the rest of the group up the Barranco Wall.

Later I saw Florence and he said that Ori started his decent. I hope to see Ori in a few days at the gate.

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Location:Baranco camp

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