Thoughts on what to take on a trek to kilimanjaro

Thoughts on what to take on a trek to kilimanjaro

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Here is a quick list of items/ideas of what to bring on your trek above and beyond the gear list you can optain on the website  This list is an excellent starting point. Here are my changes/ideas.

– Do not bring gym shoes. Too hard to put on in the cold. Better bring open back flip/flops or crocks equivalent.
– If you are buying a new sleeping bag, make sure it is -20C rated and TEST it to make sure you sleep comfortably in it.  My new sleeping back made me feel claustrophobic and a mummy. (never tried it before I left)  I hated it.
– Bring all types of feet stuff for compression and blisters stuff. Think about first aid for your feet. Very important.
– Climbing goggles.I am only saying this because of what happened to us.
– Layers are important.  The web site’s advice is good here, but I brought two additional thin base layers and I used them all!
– Chemical heating pads. They are not great but they will also keep your batteries warm.
– Large capacity charger, like the New Trent. If you bring an iPhone or iPad/or equivalent, you need two of these.
– Small Camelback for summit climb.  This is a big one.  If I do Kili again, for the final climb you do not need a big day pack.  What you need is minimal storage and water.  And the water needs to be close to your body otherwise it freezes.  The very small form Camelbacks, such as for cycling, or running, is much better that the day-pack you may have used for the rest of the climb.  Put it under your top layer.
– Make sure your waterproof gloves (and bring them — I can’t believe how many people did not) are two sizes larger so you can put up to two liner gloves within them.  You will be cold and uncomfortable otherwise.
– I know this may seem obvious, but make sure you bring waterproof top chest layer with hood, pants and gaiters.  They are NOT an option and you will be sorry if it rains.  I would have been dead without this stuff.
– I strongly advise bring some old plastic bottles (like biking bottles) for pee.  Also, if you take the altitude pills, on many people this makes you pee more.  This was a great last minute decision to take two old biking bottles.
– If you are bringing an air mattress, every cm helps. I had one that was 7 cm and had down in it.  The ground is cold and very rocky.

– Altitude pills –  take them from day one.  I took two a day.  Clinics tend to not dispense enough.  Also, make sure you bring meds for headaches.
-Do not forget toilet paper.  This is a serious problem if you forget it.
– iPad for notes. I found this worked great.  I played music, blogged and it all. I used BlogPress which worked fine and allows you to same local drafts.  I also brought a little device made my Apple that allows you to read directly your SD cards of your camera into the iPad.  That worked great.

Don’t forget cash for tips.  Lots of advice on websites on what to offer.

THIS IS A BIG ONE:  Be clear on what clear you are getting from your operator:  exactly the make, model and size of your sleeping tent and mess tent. Two adults need a three person sleeping tent.  You should be able to stand in your mess tent.

Maybe I am spoiled but I would never do Kili again without renting a porter with a portable toilet.  Hey, you can even make money renting it out to others on the climb 🙂  The facilities stink…literally.

Oh yeah, not my problem, but others said it was crazy to bring a big camera.  A point and shoot, especially the newer models, is just fine and makes a difference on the climb.

Hope this helps. 

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