Safari time

Safari time

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The last 6 days of safari have been a whirlwind. Intellectually and physically intense, Ori and I spent almost every waking hour somewhere in Tanzania’s amazing natural resource. Our guide for this part of our journey is a master of the subject, Israel Hembo. His knowledge of flaura, fauna, history, culture was just flawless. He could spot something 3 KM in the distance with his eyes — I am not exaggerating. He was like an eagle. He could explain mating habits, male and female dominance, natural cycles, diet, migration and many other facts with passion and knowledge I have never experienced before. He had a 1st degree in this field and was an experienced park ranger in a prior life. On average, he drove us 200 KM a day in search of the “big five”, migratory mammals and other great aspects of this amazing resource. I will try in this blog to highlight just a few ideas from each day. It’s just too voluminous to do justice for the 50 hours we were on the road together. I also will include some observations about Tanzania and it’s special people.

Israel and our safari car. The roof lifts up (down in this photo).  The guys knows everything about safari.

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Location:Day 1

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