Day 1 of Safari. Lake Manyara National Park

Day 1 of Safari. Lake Manyara National Park

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As I mentioned the Safari part of the blog will only feature a few “ideas” from each day since they were so full. I will also try to add photos over time since I am waiting for Ori’s pics as well.  But just to get something to paper, let’s go through some interesting things from each day:

For a first day, we saw a ton: Baboons (they are everywhere and very cute.) Israel says their DNA is more like a dog than a human (a la chimpanzee). Blue monkeys and velvet monkeys (they have “blue balls”… seriously). Impala’s, giraffe (there are somewhat like 3 million in Tanzania), Wart hogs (from Lion King fame).

Sounds say so much:  Israel heard the yelp of a baboon.  He knew it mean a signal of distress.  So he started to look around for what could be causing it: assuming it would be a predator.  Sure enough a mother lion and here cubs were hiding under a tree and shrubbery…possibly hiding from the male adult who may have wanted to kill competing male cubs. Sounds and behavior of animals is so important to watch. It was interesting to see that all the other safari cars just drove right by the partially hidden lions because they were not paying attention to the sounds.

Tons of African buffalo. Seems they are not domesticated (not sure why).  When bulls get older, like elephants, they leave the herd to not be a burden. And go off to die from disease or being someone’s lunch.  I will make a separate entry on this phenomena. 

Oh yes, the Wart Hogs. They will be around a lot. Their necks are so short that they have to go on their front knees to eat since otherwise their snout will not reach the ground.  They like to keep a brood of 2-7 females around but not too close so the female get into a jealous fight. Smart dude.

BTW, buffalo’s are very territorial and though they are vegie’s they will attack if they feel you are in their space.

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