Threatening Reporters Willing to Tell the Truth in Gaza. Lies about Casualty Figures

Threatening Reporters Willing to Tell the Truth in Gaza. Lies about Casualty Figures

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We met when I was a speaker on high tech at an investment forum in London a year back or so. Thank you for being so clearly in support of Israel especially when we see the hypocrisy of organizations as the HRC with one sided condemnations by countries with some of the worst human rights records on the planet.

You know that Hamas is explicitly using human shields and intentionally firing from within hospitals, schools and homes.  And the international press, if it wants to keep in the good graces of the dictatorship, enables this by one sided and false reporting.  If they are inclined to report the truth, which is rare, they are attacked by Hamas (see today’s J-Post: 
A bigger issue to bring to your attention and, which is not being focused on by our allies, is that the CNN, BBC, The Times, even many Israeli websites are constantly quoting the “UN says”  that “70 to 80” percent of the Gaza deaths are civilians.  This makes the percentage look like it is an official figure when you and I know it is coming from the Hamas controlled “Ministry of Health”.  It’s pure propaganda and needs to be called-out for what it is. The figure is no more than 50% and, may be much lower. How do we know? Since Al Jazerra publishes the age and sex of every person killed in the conflict we know a lot. The number of children is being overplayed, the number of women is being overplayed and about 50% (assuming no women are involved in the fighting) are fighting age males.  Here is one of the links. –

But the best evidence came out yesterday, when Pilay stated that 600 Palestinians were killed, including at least 147 children and 74 women (UN human rights chief: ‘Strong possibility’ of Israeli war crimes in Gaza | The Times of Israel Do the math – 37%.  The rest are fighting age males, dressed as civilians, based upon directives by Hamas to make all casualties look like civilians to the press (they even publish this on their website).  I hope you can speak of this when you are interviewed.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks  Sam

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