7/28/2014 – Let’s talk about UNWRA

7/28/2014 – Let’s talk about UNWRA

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Dear Family and Friends:

I could not sleep tonight thinking about the possibility that Israel would accept any type of truce possibility by Kerry and his misguided approach to the Middle East.  I do not have the time to figure out his agenda with Qatar and Turkey but let’s just say things are fishy.  I was actually shocked that the U.S., in the middle of this whole mess, would sign its biggest weapons deal of the year with…ready for this: Qatar. $11 billion!  U.S. policy people got to be smoking weird stuff.  I know about our bases there and how Qatar outsources their defense, primarily, to the U.S. and the Brits (see military – And they have tons of money and gas but damn — they are the #1 supporter of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and 2. they run the biggest pro-Islamic news and propaganda agency in the world, Al Jazeera .  Shit. $11 Billion.  Doesn’t that make you angry?  I sure am.  Write your congressman and senators and tell them this is a horrible deal.

But wait, could it be that Kerry is somehow connected to this?  Just because you’re not paranoid  doesn’t mean the State Department and political echelons of the DOD aren’t out to help Qatar at the expense of Israel.  And the rabidly anti-Semitic (sorry, anti-Zionist) pro-MB/Hamas Erdoğan of Turkey is the other cook in the kitchen here.  So I can’t sleep.  I believe, reading from commanders at the field level in this battle, that Hamas is reeling. Now is the time to shut Hamas down.  Bibi, I know you are not reading this blog so I am just sending out love vibes to you to NOT STOP. Lastly, you know that Kerry is up to no good when even Lefty defense correspondent for Haaretz, Barak Ravid, starts sounding like our Foreign Minister saying that Kerry has “gone off the deep end”:
And here is one more take on Kerry’s betrayal. Hell, even Abbas is upset at Kerry. Imagine that!

Just a quick note on these “attack tunnels”.  You know, there is a joke in Israel making the rounds  that we should hire Hamas to dig the tunnels for our new high-speed train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (right now the Chinese are doing this). Hamas has to be cheaper because — get this — they were using CHILD LABOR as part of their effort to dig the tunnels and there is one source that claims over 160 kids have DIED in this effort.  ( I don’t know how he figures this out when it seems Israel was pretty much asleep at the switch regarding these tunnels.  Amazing energy and resources were being poured into these things (,7340,L-4550063,00.html) and – and please hear this – had Hamas executed on their plan of a simultaneous attack on multiple towns (the current thought is that they were planning this operation with hundreds of terrorists for the upcoming Jewish New Year, Rosh haShannah, in 2 months) it would have been a mass casualty event with magnitude similar to the opening of the Yom Kippur war. (  Come to think of it, Arabs do like to attack us on our Jewish Holidays – kind of racist.  Anyway, as  one interview with an IDF special unit demonstrates, we cannot stop now. (,7340,L-4550063,00.html).

It is clear that Hamas spent $100’s of millions building this sophisticated tunnel network, based upon consultations with North Korea, Iran and Hezbollah.  The complete absurdity is that the international community does not want to consciously deal with this major shift of resources away from nation building for the sole purpose to kill Jews — demonstrating a clear rationale why there was an embargo of Gaza of building material to begin with.  Daaah. I can only think of one other event in recent memory that parallels the willingness of a society to invest in killing Jews at the expense of their national initiative and that is the misdirection of critical war resources by Hitler in order to build concentrations camps, invest in transportation systems and allocate human resources to eliminate the Jews.  It seem irrational unless one considers that, in the end, these types of organizations consider ideology of Jew hatred their most significant national goal.  Or maybe Hamas will tell the gullible world they were just building a new Gaza subway system.  I am sure CNN can make this into a human interest story! 

Related to what I just said and focused on the use of Gaza citizens as human fodder, you should please send around this video to your friends. It is an interview with a Isreali special forces officer showing a booby trapped home next to a UNRWA school. I am not sure why this is not captioned in English or why the cameras are not from CNN or BBC. I hope this changes in the next few days. 

I wanted to focus this piece on the topic of “refugees” and UNRWA.  You know, I saw this news piece the other day declaring that 70-80 percent of the Gaza strip are refugees from Israel’s War of Independence.  This type of crap gets passed around without much a “really, that was almost 70 years ago and I thought the median age in Gaza today is 18 years? (”  How is this even possible?  Good question, no?  So how do we have five, yes, 5 million of Palestinian “refugees” running around claiming their “right of return” when there are  only 30-50,000 alive today from that conflict and not much more from 1967 ( and The magic of politics at its most perverse level.  Obviously, we are talking about descendents.  The total number of Arabs who fled, enticed to run away by their leaders and, yes, kicked out (that happened when the Arab world invaded the new, U.N.-approved Jewish State) were no more than 720,000 (some sources show this number to be inflated and it is closer to 600,000 and there were about 145,000 new refugees created by the 1967 war).  In fact, more Jews fled or were expelled from Arab countries during this same time but you don’t have any camps or special UN bodies for them because they were absorbed and live as full citizens in Israel.

So how do we get these crazy numbers?  You are going to learn something here that will make you sick and you will realize how MANUFACTURED this refugee issue is — specifically manufactured by the Arab world and their allies with majority control of the U.N.  to create an issue that, over the long term,is intended to discredit and destroy Israel. I must tell you that most of my American and Israeli friends have no idea about this.  And what is especially galling is the fact that the refugee organization at the UN for ALL OTHER refugees (except Israel), which is called UNHCR,  defines a refugee as only that person who is displaced ( and NOT their descendents?  Crazy, no? A total parallel universe was set up just for one group of refugees and one group only — Palestinians. And while all other refugees are supposed to be “resettled” as quickly as possible, only UNWRA Palestinians are not to be resettled and have a ridiculous “right of return”. NO OTHER REFUGEE GROUP IN THE WORLD HAS THIS RIGHT.  NO ONE.

So what UNRWA did, as part of this anti-Israel policy (and also to create a co-dependent society with no hope except to return to Israel) was to redefine Palestinian refugees as multi-generational and change the re-settlement policy to a maintenance policy.  Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand what is going on here.  The Arab countries and their numerous allies were creating a core issue that they hoped would kill Israel in the long term.  But I must tell you that Israel has also been complicit since it needed an “address” to deal with this problem and hence it supported UNRWA over the years along with the U.S. (which is the biggest financier of UNRWA). So we have been part of the problem and this travesty has to stop because the unintended (actually intended by our enemies) consequence is a 5 million person bow-wave of “refugees” who have been told, for 67 years, that they will get a chance to go “home”. And they are pissed that they haven’t yet gotten the keys to my house in Rosh Pina.

Now just to put things in perspective, WW II and it’s aftermath ( as well as the creation of a number of new states (the biggest being Pakistan and India) resulted, by my estimate, in over 100 million refugees (all under UNHCR except for you know whom) of which 720,000 were from the Israeli conflict. So how many refugees are left in the world from those 100 million except for the Palestinians?  Come on, this is not a hard question and you know the answer already — A BIG FAT ZERO. That’s right nada.  In fact, a nice piece of the UN’s budget is to deal with this ever growing issue of Palestinian refugees and that is how you get statements — unchallenged — that 70-80 percent of the Gaza strip, for example, are Palestinian refugees.

One absurd outcome from this disaster is that it is the stated position of the Palestinians that their own refugees will not be citizens of their own state!  Read this:   since they have this absurd “right of return” and that they really belong in Israel. These people are invented refugees and now they won’t even get full citizenship in their own invented country.  You can’t make this stuff up.  There has been a ton written about this issue and I attended a conference on this a few years ago sponsored by the Middle East Forum under Dr. Daniel Pipes whose organization extensively researched and published  on this topic. Here is the best overview on the subject:

I just got to mention that  this gets really bizarre around issues like the killing of Palestinians in “camps” in Syria. (These “refugee camps” all over the middle east are really towns today that are kept crowded and in poor condition so the population is hyped for “right of return”. Hell, some of these camps even have large symbolic keys over the entrance gate emphasizing this right. Are these displaced Palestians part of the UNHCR issue with the millions of other refugees in that conflict or are they being protected by UNRWA? You can imagine how confusing this must be for Palestinian activists since if UNRWA protects them it would impact their message that Israel is the source of all their suffering. So they are abandoned.  (I used the mondoweiss website to show the picture of the key. The article is an example of this pathetic romanticizing of Palestinian refugees by the Left — this website is quite disgusting but you need to know what your enemy thinks so I read this crap.)

One last thing about UNRWA and its impact on Gaza.  Nearly ALL the 30,000 employees of UNRWA  are Palestinians living there and since we know that 44% of the population voted for Hamas, what percentage of the employees are also members of Hamas? I don’t know the answer for sure but it’s a really big number. That could explain why UNRWA facilities have many Islamic teachers, perpetuate a culture of terror, death and hatred of Israel into the next generation and its facilities are often cover for terror activities for Hamas operatives.  I wonder what PTA night is like!

I get really worked up over this because refugees are one of the two main 3rd rail issues in this conflict — the other being “occupation” and we see that the refugee issue is completely manufactured for maximum injury to Israel. You will see in my next blog that occupation is nearly as flimsy.

Take care


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