Is the Middle East Stable Enough To Let Down Our Guard?

Is the Middle East Stable Enough To Let Down Our Guard?

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Republished from Arutz Sheva from
Dr. Shmuel Katz

Now that it seems that the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is again on the agenda, I am concerned that there will be undue pressure on Israel, as a follow-up to the evolution in US policies in reference to Jerusalem. But people who would like to see better times ahead, must do whatever they can to avoid relinquishing their freedom or part of it, for an uncertain future.

Even a superficial look into the dynamics in the Middle East will give the objective observer, a lot of reasons to be concerned.

We know that there are too many countries and entities with conflicting interests who are trying to establish paths toward establishing their own agendas in the region. 

Iran has practically total control over the capitals of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Its aspirations do not stop there. The Iranian attempt to establish military presence close to the border of the State of Israel coupled with an open call for the destruction of Little Satan and the Big Satan, Israel and the USA respectively, leaves nothing to imagination. The subversive relationship between Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority, fits in very well into the Iranian plan for the Middle East and ultimately to its agenda for the rest of the free world.

Russia feels invigorated by the weakening of ISIS and by the shrinking of the American footprint in the Middle East and is pursuing every effort to fill in this void. Its collaboration with Iran and with the dictator of Syria, Assad, is gearing toward that goal.

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