Journalist  /  Conservative Activist / Connector & Maven / Philanthropist / Tech Entrepreneur 


Journalist  /  Conservative Activist / Connector & Maven / Philanthropist / Tech Entrepreneur 


BACKGROUNDMy activities cover business strategy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy combining deep experience with technology, marketing, finance and governance activities. I am engaged in early-stage technology investments both in the US and Israel and also have qualified as a financial expert on a number of boards.

I am founder and investor in a number of technology companies as well as non-profit organizations where I typically sit on their boards or act as an advisor. 

I probably spent too much time at school with a MBA in Finance from NYU, MS in Jewish Medieval Philosophy, Theological Ordination and a BA in Mathematics — all from Yeshiva University .  In my spare time I received a black belt in Shotokan Karate. 

WHAT DRIVES ME | Injustice and fairness, the survival and prosperity of the Jewish people – yes tribal values. Helping people work better together.  Trying to get more out of our efforts.  Leverage resources. I care about how people make decisions and how this impacts the world around us.  Dialogue of Christians and Jews in support of Israel. National rights and obligations ie, Sovereignty. I care about history and the lessons to be learned. I am concerned about Israel – Diaspora connections as well as the insidious growth of Antisemitism.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT | My greatest accomplishment is my long-time marriage to my wife and partner Meryl, whom without her continued support, I would be starving, without clothing, and sleeping in a gutter.

MORE ABOUT SAM | Samuel H. Solomon is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with over 30 years’ experience in the legal, financial and information technology industries. Sam’s unique perspective, eclectic education and varied experience makes him a much sought-after speaker and business consultant. Mr. Solomon founded and led his company,, ultimately generating two capital transactions for the firm and retiring in August 2009.  Today, Sam is Chairman of, an Industry 4.0 software platform to optimize complex workflows in the oil & gas/petrochemical industry – with customers including Dow Chemical worldwide and Kock Industries, and recently founded pro-Israel NGO Sam has an MBA, with distinction, from New York University in Finance; a MS from Bernard Revel Graduate School in Philosophy; Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshiva University; and a BA from Yeshiva University in Mathematics. Sam and his wife, Meryl, made Aliyah in 2010 and have two children and a bevy of grandchildren living in Israel. They live in Beit Zayit just outside of Jerusalem.




Chairman of the Board at Mobideo. Digitally transforming the Connected Workforce to optimize complex work processes and empower collaborative teamwork, contractor management and knowhow digitalization in dynamic industrial environments.

A limited partner at TechAviv, a private global network of top Israeli startup founders and investors that are committed to helping each other and our next generation succeed.

A limited partner at Rainbow Medical Innovation, an innovation & investment house focused on the invention, creation, and monetization of proprietary medical technologies. 


The goal is to provide international Christian support towards the actualization of full Jewish sovereignty in Israel.  While there are many pro-Israel Christian organizations, Return O' Israel is an NGO whose primary focus is complete Jewish sovereignty.

Innovation Africa is a NY based non- profit organization that brings Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to rural African villages.

The mission of Save the West is to advance knowledge concerning The foundational underpinnings of Western civilization (“the West”), identifying our enemies, and their strategies, tactics and objectives, actualizing common-sense solutions that will enable the West to survive, and ultimately, thrive.

Clarion Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the threats of extremist groups and individuals who threaten the safety and security of North America.

The Tikvah Fund is a philanthropic foundation and ideas institution committed to supporting the intellectual, religious, and political leaders of the Jewish people and the Jewish State.