Oppps I got the wrong Israelis.

Oppps I got the wrong Israelis.

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Would you believe our Tanzanian driver picking us up at the airport — his first name is Israel. Got to love it. So here Israel is picking up Israelis in Africa. And he knows they are two guests and one is called Ori or something like that. We come out of the terminal. No Israel. We’re tired and getting pissed off. No local money or cell. Local driver offers his cell to call Israel. We are told he left the airport and is returning. Why would he leave without us? So what we we’re a few minutes late.

Here comes Israel. All embarrassed ( can’t tell if he is blushing but I am sure he was). He picked up an Israeli couple. His name is Uri. Close enough. Feeds them our welcome fruit. Figures it out as he is called. Spends the next 45 minutes apologizing and offering his first born. Sweet guy. We air the left over fruit and moved on.

Guy on left is the wrong customer.  Clearly they look the same.  So now, this guy is stranded with his wife but got to nosh on our fruit. 🙂

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