Day 2: Climbing to almost 3600 meters. About 6 hours/12 KM

Day 2: Climbing to almost 3600 meters. About 6 hours/12 KM

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This was a pretty amazing climb from the lush rain forest near our last camp through a kind of tundra of pine trees and other tall plants but getting smaller and smaller as we got higher.  The path is well worn through what looks like thick top soil to the lower clay and rock. 
The patterns in the path are quite beautiful.

You could easily see the change in size as they went from trees much taller than us to nebbish trees that are chest height. Sad little things :).

There were really pretty flowers in bloom during this ‘dry’ season (it does rain, however, during dry season). but for the most part the interesting colors were in shades of green.

Coming to camp which is called Shira I, Kilimanjaro came into majestic view.

Wow. It is formidable. I have stared in awe of the mountain most of the late afternoon. At some point the clouds clear and she showed us her full glory.Interesting, among Tanzanian’s Kili is a he, not a she.

Ori and I walk slowly. We take time out to shoot pictures. To talk to Florence.  We are taking this pole-pole. We both feel fine.  Ori and me in Shira I.

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