Shira II Camp

Shira II Camp

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At Shira II we finally got our new tent.  Just in time since it started to rain and our stuff would have gotten really wet.  We still have the lousy mess tent and we still cannot seem to get the other guides to let us share the larger tents.

It’s getting really cold. In the beginning, I went out when I wanted to pee.  But with the altitude pills I am taking, I need to pee all the time.  Some people get this reaction.  I am starting to use the water bottles we brought for this purpose.  I feel less stressed using them.

Not to get too graphic, but I have not been able to go to the bathroom for the first few days.  The facilities are disgusting.  Deb and Vic have a potty tent, but I did not feel comfortable asking.  Then I found that one of the toilets had a seat. It was like I found gold.  Still gross and wonder if I am going to catch something.  But first time I used the toilet other than to pee.

I am told tomorrow is a BIG hike day.

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